Why does Amazon/Ring need my home address?

Just purchased a Ring Doorbell 2 and started to install. Got to the part that said they needed to have my actual home address in order to proceed! I see absolutely no reason why Amazon/Ring needs to have my address in order for me to use this doorbell. They try to explain that “some features” will not work without the address, but I see NO FEATURES that I will use with this doorbell that requires them to have my address. Just another example of companies requiring private info which they have no reason to need or require. It amazes me that so many people are willing to give out so much private info to companies which is unecessary except for them to be able to monetize such info. SCREW AMAZON, I WILL BE RETURNING THIS PURCHASE.

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Wow, that escalated quickly… If you don’t want to give your address, use a fake one. It doesn’t need your address unless you want to use a plan with monitoring. I’d still use the zip code so the time is correct.