Why do we have to pay a subscription fee?

The ring doorbell should allow you to record video directly to your own PC. Even the most basic cameras have this feature. I guess RD forgot to include it, preferring instead to charge a subscription fee for this option which is not mentioned in their adverts.

I think it is about time RD allowed you to record video to your own PC, then there will be no need for a subscription fee, which I refuse to pay on principle.

Why did you not research and read what Ring does? You’re blaming them for not researching and you didn’t…
Tell me one other camera system like Ring that lets you record to your pc directly? There are none since they’re all cloud based systems. You want a DVR system. This is not that. Sorry but your anger is misplaced.

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The issue is Ring failed to mention in their adverts that further charges will apply. Why do you think Ring would do that? probably because they know most people wouldn’t buy their products if they knew that up front.