Why do lights turn on but no motion recorded on floodlight cams?

Sometimes I see the lights on my outdoor floodlight cams turn on and assume there’s a motion event that triggered it but, in the app there’s no motion event recording and no ring notification. Why would the lights be triggered without motion and a motion event recording? This happens a lot.

Also conversely, there are plenty of times when a motion event is recorded and the camera’s lights never turn on at any point during the recording. The entire motion triggered video clip is in color night vision mode because the floodlight cam’s lights never turned on. Why is that?

Good question @SashaB! As you know, the Floodlight Cam has two methods of motion detection, one to notify/ record and one for lights. The 270 degree field of view, for the lights to trigger, allows for it to catch approaching heat signatures efficiently. Sometimes lights can be triggered by an object that does not reach your motion recording zones.

Trial and error with different settings and even physically adjusting the angle, can help with this. Check out our help center article on how to best control the lights of your Floodlight Cam. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: