Why do I not need to short the existing chime when installing a Ring 4?

In an existing doorbell system with a mechanical chime, the doorbell is a switch that just closes the circuit to the chime. Instructions for older Rings say that I need to short the connections in the chime in order for the doorbell wires to get power. In this case, the doorbell/Ring is no longer a switch. That all makes sense.

However, the instructions for the Ring 4 make no mention of rewiring the chime. Without that rewiring, the Ring 4 won’t get any power because the circuit is always open.

What am I missing?

Hi @ttabi. What older Ring instructions are you referring to? To my knowledge, there are no instructions that require you to “short” the doorbell circuit. Have you installed your Ring Doorbell 4? If so, is there a particular issue you are facing?