Why do i have to reconnect the Video every x minutes?

Every so often the Video feed gets disconnected and i have to press the reconnect Button to get the Video feed back.
The Wifi is fine, there is no hardware related issues.
I assume the Ring App auto disconnects if the feed runs for x Minutes.

Now i bought the Doorbell, it is my property, i did not rent it, i did not sign a contract that limits me(at least that i am aware),nowhere i find that the Video feed only is allowed to run x minutes, i am paying the Basic subscription until it runs out.
Why does Ring think it has the right to cut the Video feed without be pressing end or my permission.
If there is a setting i missed, please point me to it.

@Eagle7 Ring doesn’t work this way. It is not a CCTV system. It isn’t designed to provide a 24/7 feed as its not local. Live view goes from the camera, over your Wi-Fi, out over the internet to Ring’s servers and then back down to your device (phone etc) which is viewing the feed. The reason Ring disconnects the feed after a period of time is both to reduce load on their end and also to stop people with data caps blowing through these. If you need a 24/7 live feed Ring is not the right solution. As I mentioned Ring is not CCTV its an alerts based eco system. What you need for 24/7 in reality is a locally set up system with IP cameras and a local NVR.

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I already assumed that, however it is easy to do a check online if the camera is registered and then show the video feed within the local network.
That way it takes load of the ring system and gives the ability to see a live feed for a extended period of time.
Can you point me to the section in the tos or wherever it is noted?

@Eagle7 No live feed from a Ring camera is local. Any time you press live view it sends the video via Ring/Amazon’s servers then back down to you even when connected to the same network. There is no local component to Ring cameras whatsoever and it cant be configured to my knowledge.

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Fluctuations or instability in your network connection can cause disruptions in the video stream. This could be due to issues such as network congestion, bandwidth limitations, or intermittent connectivity problems. NCEdCloud

I highly doubt that it has anything to do with network issues or bandwidth.
As a network engineer for the last 40 years i can confidently say that there is no issue with the network.
It most likely is just as it is that ring just disconnects the feed due to policy.
Instead taking the load of the system and feed it local after check, they decide to limit the customer once again, which they also do not disclose at purchase.
Ring is making me even more convinced that it is time to move to a different company.