Why can't i use my main account on my phone and tablet (both android) and get notifications on both?

I had first installed it on my phone, after that on my tablet
When i did that i suddenly noticed no longer do i get notifications on my Phone

So what i did was clearing the app/cache data completely from my phone and started it up again so logged in again and so on with my main account.

That worked for my phone, i get notifications on my phone, but no the tablet did get notifications anymore…

So what i did now is kept my main account on my phone and then made a “fake” account (mygmail+ringtable@gmail.com address) and add that as a shared.
That works. but why is this needed? This is kind of annoying, it seems the backend can only send notifications to 1 account and that is the latest that got registered?

Hi @JCompagner. You should be able to receive notifications from the Ring app on both the phone and the tablet that you’re signed into. There is no restriction in place allowing notifications to be sent to only one device. I’d recommend checking the notification settings within both your phone and tablet to ensure that you don’t have any specific settings in place to prevent the notifications from coming through. You can also check out a list of troubleshooting tips and tricks for notifications in our Community below. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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