Why Am I Missing....?

Good Afternoon -

I would love to know why my Doorbell Pro 2 has no problem picking up birds, cats, squirrels, rabbits, etc. running up and down my driveway in front of the camera - day or night - but it won’t detect a HUGE Waste Management dumpster truck as it drive down my driveway right in front of the doorbell?

Another example - the landscaper guy came today to do the lawn. It detects him riding around on the mower but did it detect him pulling in past the camera in his pickup truck towing the trailer?? Of course NOT. Also didn’t detect the Amazon Prime delivery van pulling in past the camera - just the delivery person as they actually walked up to the door.

All that being said - there are also times where a person has walked past the camera heading back towards my shop and no motion detection or recorded video whatsoever.

I do have the video set to do the snapshots at 30 sec intervals and I can sometimes catch the undetected motion items on those as long as the timing is right. However, why aren’t these thing being detected as valid motion and start the recording process? Isn’t that the whole point of these “security” devices??

Would love to here the explanation.


Hi @Brian_10101. I would first try to reevaluate your Motion Settings. This Community post here has some great recommendations. You’ll want to factor in how your Doorbell is mounted and if you need to add a Wedge Kit or something similar. Also, be sure that your settings are set to Frequent, so you can mitigate missing motions. Let me know if this helps!