White then turns blue upon installation of Doorbell Pro

We installed the Doorbell Pro and it starts to flash white but immediate turns blue and will not connect to the WiFi at setup. Does not make announcement. Any ideas?

Hi @Tcampos45! It sounds like your Pro is still collecting power, or potentially has too low of power to trigger audio and complete a setup. These are often symptoms of resistance in voltage or too low rating of a power supply. Please ensure the transformer being used is rated for 16 to 24 VAC. Also, ensure the wiring used is standard gauge and not too thin or excessively long as this could cause resistance in voltage.

After checking the above variables, I recommend letting your Doorbell Pro sit connected to wires for an hour before attempting another setup. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have this same issue. When I turn on power to the doorbell I get like 4 whites then a blue. After that it does not light up at all. Tried a factory reset and still no lights. I have a multimeter and I am getting 20v at the door. I have left it sit for several days and still no difference. Help!