White Ring Light Flashes

I have a Doorbell 3. I also have a Yi camera that views across my front deck. Both are set to alert for motion. At night, the Ring flashes a white light from time-to-time, setting off the Yi camera motion detection. I discovered that when I access the Ring using my iPhone app, the white light comes on, and stays on until I stop viewing.

My question is, why would this white light be flashing when I’m not accessing the Ring via the app? It concerns me that someone else might be accessing my Ring periodically, but only momentarily. Is there something else that would the white light to activate? My WiFi is secured and not broadcasting the SSID.

Hi @user65110. Nobody else has access to your Ring Doorbell, unless you have added someone as a Shared User. If motion is detected or the Live View is activated at night, the IR lights will trigger in order to illuminate the view. You can check your Event History or the Event History Timeline to see any motion events that may have been detected during the night.