White noise when in night vision mode

Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed in my brand new Doorbell 2 that whenever image switches to night vision (on Live View or recorded videos) there is a change in audio quality in they way that you can hear some white noise sound (hum)?
When image is back to color mode noise I gone.
I haven’t noticed something similar for Doorbell 1.
I’ve already tried hard resetting the device and was testing it on charged battery.
Is it normal behavior for Doorbell 2?
If not, could this be hardware issue?

I can upload audio file from recording.



Hi Michal! It would be super helpful, if you can comment here with a Ring video share link of what is occurring. This will help everyone better understand the situation.

Hello, just to let you know I have the same problem


Hello @N0RM, sorry to hear this is occurring with your Video Doorbell 2 as well. Would you happen to have a video example you might be comfortable sharing on here so we can understand the noise you are hearing better?

Hello Riley, please see the post with the two links. I look forward to hear from you

Hello @Riley_Ring, have you seen the videos in my links regarding the strange sounds that start when night vision is switched on?

Hi @N0RM, thank you for sharing these examples. After viewing them both I believe the best option would be for your to reach out to our support team so that they can take a deeper look into this for you, as I do not immediately see what could be causing this. I appreciate you sharing these on the Community and know our support team will be happy to help!

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@Riley_ring Thank you. I tried contacting support, but cannot find how to do this. When selecting support, I am forwarded to this community. Can you help?

Happy to help @N0RM, this link will take you the full list of Ring Support phone numbers. Please let me know if you have any concerns with that support page.

Did you ever resolve this? I have the same issue.

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Thanks for sharing @Chrlyz ! Can you please share an example of this happening in night vision, and then of course an example of day time video without the noise occurring? Thank you :slight_smile:

It won’t let me attach the videos. Not sure why.

No worries @Chrlyz ! if you are unable to attach the file, you can generate a shared video URL by choosing to “share video” in the app. If you copy and paste that URL here, we will be able to view the video example. Check out this Community post for a quick guide on obtaining and sharing this link :slight_smile:

Check out this video I captured on my Ring device.


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Thank you so much for this example @Chrlyz ! As a first step I recommend performing a factory reset on your Video Doorbell by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. Once the reset is completed, you will need to re-setup the device. If this does not resolve it, please contact our support team for more in depth troubleshooting. Feel free to let us know how it goes!

Was there any solution to this? I got my Ring Doorbell 2 yesterday and have the same issue at night.
Have tried a factory reset and then contacted support chat who recommended exchanging for another unit. New unit came today, installed and now it’s dark it has the same issue.
Totally unusable at night so will have to return and give up on Ring if it’s not solvable…


If both units are having the same issue, maybe something like a microwave or a close power line is causing the static. Do you have a photo you could show exactly what your seeing?

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

It’s really bizarre but I’ve gone through loads of troubleshooting with support including moving it to the other side of the house, trying it on a difference network (hotspot) and various power cycling to no avail. They’ve advised me to return it as faulty but I’ll just be getting a refund this time and trying something else.

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Same issue here. I just installed the Ring 2 today and it seemed fine during the daytime, but I get the same kind of noise or audio feedback as you did when I tested in at night. (Thanks for posting the link, btw) I reset the device but that didn’t help. Greg

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I have had three Ring 2 doorbells now. They all have the same issue.

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