White lines across video at night

Hi, the reset seems to have worked for me ?? Thank you

Same here white lines across screen at night but works fine during the day… ?‍♂️?‍♂️

Apparently the video cards go bad. They replaced my doorbell with 2 weeks left on the warranty.

I’ve just tried out the instruction to reset it for 20secs (small button on the front) and then change the network like setting up again and the line have now gone. The picture is clear again…

Second time I did the reset after several days and it worked on my doorbell2. Hope you have same luck as mine.

I suddenly began having this same issue with my Doorbell 2 about a month ago. Went through a whole crap-ton of troubleshooting with the folks on the Twitter page, and eventually they ran out of options and told me I had to call support. Just got off the phone with them, and they told me that this problem is apparently a known issue. They say they’re “working on it”, but this problem basically makes their product useless for me. Has anyone else heard any more information regarding this? To have a known issue of this magnitude for this long seems ridiculous to me. Many posts I can find on these forums go back to mid-2020 reporting this issue. The best part of this is I have a Ring Assist Plus extended warranty that I paid extra for on this doorbell - Ring has told me I just need to “be patient and wait” - I suppose they’re waiting for my extended warranty to expire so they can tell me to go away. Anybody else have any ideas here? @Chelsea_Ring or @Tom_Ring ?

Hi @mdimunno. If the suggestions in this thread that have worked for other neighbors, are not working for you, it would be best to follow up with our support team regarding your open support ticket.