White light usually on, works great, hardwired, sometimes no light on

Why does my white light turn off? I have the video cam 2020 release with a hardwire kit. The light means everytning is working. Just recently it started turning off sometimes. Whats going on? I check it and it works, even recognizes its hardwired, but its off. After a few minutes, its back on. Anyone know?

That is not “solved” friend. Lol

Hi @OverMan. The white light is not an indicator that everything on your Doorbell is working. It is a light that will turn on when a Doorbell is hardwired. If your Doorbell was not hardwired, the white light would not be on and the Doorbell would work normally. If you would like to have your Doorbell looked into further to make sure all is well, give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

What i mean is, the white light means its hardwired properly, fair enough. Therefore, when it went off i expected it to say it was not hardwired and there was an issue with that aspect of it, but even with the light off, everything showed up under the status check as normal, including specifically saying hardwired. I just dont know what the light shutting off temporarily might indicate besides “not hardwired”.

@OverMan Reach out to our support team to have your Doorbell thoroughly examined to determine what is causing the white light to shut off at random times.