White Glare on Doorbell Camera

We have had our doorbell Camera for several years now. I beleive it is the first gneration doorbell. I have a bad problem during the daytime that I get a bright white glare in the middle of the camera. I do have two decorative white fences in the yard. That should NOT cause the glare. Cameras now are so sophisicated. The glare is no bright I cannot see anything going on in my front yard. How do I fix this problem.

Hi @acuffj! If this is happening during the daytime it is likely due to direct sunlight and reflective surfaces. The best way to fine tune your Doorbell’s view and lens adjustment is to test different angles, and test videos during different times of day to see what the cause might be.

If you feel a different angle would work best, check out our wedge and corner kits on our accessories page at Ring.com. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I get this whote glare even on a coudy day when the sun is not shining.

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I do not accept that reponse as a good answer. I put my iphone at the same position as my ring doorbell and used the camera on my phone and I did not get a white glare. Ring.com needs to improve the camera.

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Having the same problem. Camera located in a covered porch and the glare is so intense you can see anything pass 15 feet from the porch edge. Happens even on cloudy days.