White Faceplate for a Video Doorbell Pro 2 is NEVER IN STOCK

I bought my Doorbell Pro 2 in mid june and have been looking ever since to redeem my voucher for the free faceplate but the White one I need has never been in stock, it’s been out of stock over 2 months now!

Is this normal? I don’t suppose anyone knows when they will be in stock?

Hi @BigM. At this time, we do not have an expected time for when this will be back in stock. I would suggest adding your email to the notification list for when this does come in stock.


I just clicked on the link to the Notification List in you reply and it comes up with " Sorry, this page does not exist". Could you please send me a link that works.

Hi @BigM. I’ve checked the link on multiple browsers, and this should be working if you are in the United States. This is just the link for the Interchangeable Faceplate for the Ring Pro 2 which can be found on Ring.com under the Accessories tab.

No I’m, not in the United States, I’m in the UK.

Tho it sounds like both the UK and USA are out of the white faceplates, and have been for some time, why is this?

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