White and blue flashing

I’ve gone through all the setup my internet connection is gd but it keeps flashing white then swaps to blue then back to white that’s all it does

Hey @Sparky1607. What kind of Doorbell do you have that you are trying to set up? What happens in the Ring app when you are unable to complete the setup? When you see the white flashing light, is it the whole ring that is flashing or just a certain side (left, top, right, bottom)?

The ring doorbell the first one the set up completes and said it all fine firmware update to date good internet connection the whole ring flashes then it goes to blue then back to white and so keeps going that

@Sparky1607 How long has this been going on for? If you could, next time this is happening, could you please take a recording of this so I could see what you’re seeing?

I’ve had the dirt 12 months or so but never set it up till now it’s the first time it’s been out the box it’s let’s u run through set up then formed firmware update Flashes white then blue just keeps doing that

@Sparky1607 Could you press and hold the setup button for about 30 seconds and see if this helps the light flashing pattern you are getting? This will help reboot the Doorbell and ensure that the firmware is up to date, as it sounds like the firmware is having a problem updating. If this still persists after the reboot, are you able to capture a video of this?

I’ve tried the factory reset the light stops flashing then I’ve run the setup again and does the same flashes white for a couple of mins then flashing blue a couple mins then back to back and so on I’ve tried to take a video on my phone and upload it but but it sais the link
Is not supported ?

@Sparky1607 Could you try uploading the video to Youtube or another video sharing platform? Additionally if you can zip the file and compress it, you can attach a zip file to your reply! Thank you so much again! :slight_smile:

had to shorten the video down to send but the flashesd go on for a couple of mins white the blue

@Sparky1607 Thank you for that video! I have a member from our advanced troubleshooting team taking a look at this, but with the volume our call centers are seeing, it may be a bit before I hear back on what may be causing this. I appreciate your patience in the meantime and I’ll make sure to update you accordingly!

Ok no problem thank

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Hey @Sparky1607! My team that is looking into this just has a few more follow up questions for you! If you could, please provide as much detail as you know and as possible. The more information, the better.

  • How many times a day does this happen?
  • Does it happen before an event, when the doorbell is just idle, or after an event?
  • Does this happen only during the day? Only at night? Or both times?

Hope to hear back from you soon!

I’ve had the door bell
About 12 months it’s was brand new in the box I thought it was about time I used it so I ran through the set up and when it’s get to the firmware update that’s when it’s starts to flash white then turns blue then back to white like
The video that’s all the door bell does it doesn’t do anything else u press the button nothing happens it’s just flashes between the white and blue constantly until
U hold the reset in again then it will
Turn off u run through the set up again and it does exactly the same

@Sparky1607 Thank you again! My team that’s looking into this wants to just a couple more things to see if we can jiggle around this firmware, as the flashing is indicating a firmware concern. Hopefully us doing this now will help you avoid problems that may arise in the future!

If you could, please factory reset the device again. Although, this time, here’s some more precise steps to take with more in-depth instructions:

  • Hold the setup button down for about 15 seconds (until the LED ring on the front flashes).
  • Once the flashing pattern is done (or after about 2 minutes, whichever is sooner), go through 1 more setup.
  • This will require you to go to “Set Up a Device” from the Main Menu, as if you were setting up for the first time! If it doesn’t allow you to set it up again this way, go into the Device Profile > Device Health > Change Wifi Network, but you will be selecting the same network it’s already under during setup.

Let me know once this was done and if you see any improvements, or more detail at what happened when you preformed all of this and how it acts over a couple hours time span! :slight_smile:

Hi I have the exactly same problem and have tried your last post and i goes back doing the same flashing white a load of times then blue

Hey @Rlwalsh81. If you’ve been following along with this thread and preforming the same steps I’ve asked @Sparky1607 to but have no luck getting it to resolve and stop flashing white, you will need to reach out to our support team here. This includes the reset that’s been doing, or even removing the device completely from your account, resetting it per the instructions and setting it up again! I was going to let @Sparky1607 know to reach out to support if it was still doing this, but if this is the case for you, please reach out to them! Feel free to report back with how this goes. :slight_smile:


I am having the exact same problem as @Sparky1607 and @Rlwalsh81. I have also gone through the steps of factory reset, removing and adding the device from the app etc. to no avail.

I see that you recommend contacting support - I assume this is phone only, or is there a chat option?

I am having the exact same problem as well.

I have a ring one and have had it for a long time, but just getting around to setting it up now. Tried factory reset several times and reinstalling the app, still always the same result with the flashing when getting to the firmware update section of the setup process.

My device appears on my dashboard and shows as operational but no video appears.

Is there a solution or should I call support?

Sorry to butt in butI’m having exactly the same issue, i’ve Set up an original ring doorbell a couple of times and now getting white flashing ring after I press the button (no alert on phone) then blue flashing circle, then nothing.

I’ll follow this thread but please let me know if I need to submit a new issue.


Hi neighbors! if you are still experiencing this concern after trying the steps mentioned prior in this thread, the best next step will be to reach out to our support team. Feel free to let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

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