Which wired video doorbell is loudest?

I live on a noisy street. I used to have the Battery Doorbell Plus, and its speaker was so quiet that visitors couldn’t hear me when I spoke to them through the app.

I’m now upgrading to a wired video doorbell, and I want to get the one that has the loudest speaker. Are the wired doorbells louder than the wireless ones? Are they all the same, or is one of them better than the others? Bonus points for having the clearest microphone to help me understand what they’re saying, but that is less of a problem and not my top priority.

Hi @jonsolo11. The speakers are identical on Video Doorbells, whether hardwired or battery operated. The only Doorbell with something different would be the Pro 2, which would be Audio+. This helps make the audio more clear, but it does not make it louder than the others.

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