Which Ring Spotlight Cam Supports External Lights

I want to purchase a hardwired (not plug in or battery) Spot Light camera, specifically to support external lighting. Ring has done a good job of confusing product names and features. Can anyone tell me specifically which Spot Light camera I should buy that is “hard wired” and supports “external lights”. Thank you.

As far as I know, only the old (now discontinued model) Spotlight Cam wired supported external lights
The new Spotlight Cam Plus wired and Spotlight Cam Pro wired do not. I put in a feature request that they restore this functionality with the new Spotlight cams but not sure if it will be implemented

Thank you for your help. By any chance are the discontinued models still around if you know. Was there a model# for those that one could search by. Thanks again for the help.

Not sure about the US, but here is Australia I had to purchase the Spotlight Cam Wired:

And also a hardwire kit to connect it to the main power supply and other lights

But if you’re in the US Ring have their own set of lights that could be linked to the Ring Cams. It’s just that we don’t have them in Aus, and I prefer to keep the current external lights already installed on the building