Which Ring doorbell works best on a Solar or without a regular power line?

I want a Ring doorbell to work without a regular power line. Do all generations work on battery power? Do any have a larger battery or use less power than the others? Can they all be set to work only when someone rings the doorbell? My front street is busy and movement activation will quickly drain the battery.

Hi @981ee5b91309a1a5d6ee8baabac9d4. I would recommend checking out our Doorbell Buyer’s Guide so you can compare our different Doorbell models and make sure you get one that fits your preferences best. You can also find all of our Doorbells on our website here, and when you select a model you can scroll down to the Tech Specs section to review the power options available. The different power and battery accessories available for our Doorbells can also be found here, so you can see which accessories are available and compatible with which Doorbell model.

As for the motion and battery settings, you can adjust these to your liking as well as to help conserve the battery life on your Doorbell, especially since you mentioned your front street having a lot of activity. Motion Zones allow you to define a specific area that you want see while ignoring everything outside that area. You can also use the Modes feature to adjust how your Doorbell behaves based on which Mode you have it set on, including whether you want it to detect and record motion or not.

Often times it will take some trial and error when adjusting the settings on your Doorbell so you can find what works best for you. I hope you find this information helpful, and feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions! :slight_smile: