Which ring doorbell is this?

Can anyone tell me which doorbell this is? I recently bought this house, bought a ring security system to go with the doorbell but now I can’t figure out how to set this existing doorbell up. I understand the original owners may have to release it but I can’t even find a QR code to attempt to set it up. Thanks for any help!

thats the first gen doorbell pro. It may not have a QR code, it should however have a barcode on the side that you can scan instead. If that doesn’t work you can do the manual setup and just connect to its wifi network manually when asked.


Hi @Jeanette1. This is actually a Ring Pro. On the bottom of the device, there is a small security screw that you can unscrew to remove the Faceplate. Once that is removed, you can see the setup button on the right hand side. I hope this helps!