Which Ring doorbell can operate without issues

I had the wired Ring video doorbell Pro. I uninstalled it, as it had constant issues.
It would lose its connection, and i had to uninstall it and reinstall it to reestablish a connection. Eventually, it wouldnt connect to my internet, and it didnt matter how close to the internet it was. It was getting 17VAC power.

What wired Ring video doorbell can work without constant issues? If any.

I have a wired Ring camera in my garage which has not had a single issue.

Hi @user77689. None of our Doorbells should have issues. If they do, I would recommend troubleshooting it with our support team to see if they can help fix it. If it cannot be fixed, they can check its warranty status for a replacement. You can give our support team a call using one of the numbers available here.