Which ring app???

Hi Folks,

  1. Just bought a Video Doorbell 2. The instructions say to download the Ring app and some direction also show a doorbell icon at the App Store. There is no Ring app, there are many Ring apps and none show a doorbell as pictured in video instructions. There is “Neighbors by Ring”, a New “Neighbors by Ring”, and “Ring - Always Home”. So which one should one download to setup the video doorbell?

  2. We currently have a wireless chime doorbell. This is an IQ America WD-2044-ACGPI model. Can the be linked to the Video Doorbell 2?

I will be installing the app on a IPhone 10 plus and IPhone 7 plus.


Good questions @SAD! If there are many results populating in the app store on your mobile device, try downloading the app through our website here.

Check out also our Chime Kit Compatibility list to see if that chime kit will work with the Doorbell 2. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: