Which power adapter?

I would like to purchase a power adapter for a Stick Up Cam Battery. The website says you can purchase the Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter for nonstop power. When I went to look for the adapter in the shop, there were two adapters. One is Micro USB and the other was a barrel plug. Neither say they are compatible with the Stick Up Cam Battery. Links to both adapters below.

Thanks for the help!



Hey @troddeh. What version of the Stick Up Cam Battery do you have? If you look on the back of the device and see a Barrel Plug, you will be able to purchase the Indoor/Outdoor Barrel Plugin! :slight_smile:

I don’t have one yet. I wanted to buy the one from the website.

@troddeh No worries, just wanted to make sure! What I would recommend in your case is to get the Stick Up Cam Plug-In, as it will be the same device as the battery operated one, but will not come with a battery and instead the plug you will need for it, for non-stop power. It will still have the same features as the battery operated device, just with the different power source. From there, you can buy a battery that you can put in at any time in the event that you do not like the look of the cord or need to move the device around! :slight_smile:

I wanted to take advantage of the current promo for the extra battery that I could use for my other ring products as well.

@troddeh Totally understand! If you could like to utilize that discount, I recommend checking out and having your cart look like this with the appropriate plug:

Don’t forget to see the FREEBATTERY code at check out. :slight_smile:

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