Which motion sensitivity/frequency/record length is best for my Ring Camera?

I currently have two spotlight plus w/ solar panel on capturing side and back of my yard. 80% of the time there will be no people (or cars) in the yard, probably only a couple rabbits and squirrels. I’d like to know your opinion about what settings is best for my camera.

motion dedtect: currently all (or person only)

motion sensitivity: currently medium high (or low, medium, high, etc.)

motion frequency: currently frequent (or regular, periodic)

recording length: currently Smart (or 30, 60, 120, etc.)

It’s worth mentioning yesterday it was raining, and my cameras records a couple times…maybe of the rain? So I wonder if I should lower sensitivity. Also the solar panels didn’t get the best angle so don’t expect it work like wired.

Appreciate any comments!

Hi @bale_11. If you are looking to only capture when people are entering your property, I would recommend turning your Smart Alerts on and toggling on Alerts and Recording for the Person option. If it is still capturing unnecessary motions with this setting, then decrease your Motion Sensitivity. It can take trial and error with your Motion Settings in order to get it to work how you want it to.