Which is the trans and front terminals please

Hello, I have a Byron 776 chime. Which terminals do I connect the bypass cable to as these are not labelled trans or front.

Hi @AmberLeigh93. Which model of Doorbell do you have? I searched “Byron” on the Community by using the magnifying glass in the top right, and I found a few different threads that may be helpful for you. If you have a Doorbell Pro, you might be able to find some information here. You can also find a thread about the Doorbell 2 and the Byron 776 here as well. The search feature is a great way to find what other neighbors have said about certain topics, and can help you find possible solutions! :slight_smile:

You just need to hook up to the 2 terminals next to the big grey block (the transformer). This should be 2 and 3. Also make sure you have the latest ring app - mine had a video with this chime showing how to do it.