Which indoor cameras actually set off the alarm?

I got a slew of indoor cameras to protect various parts of my house only to realize it will tell me someone is in the house but doesn’t bother to set off the alarm. Do any of the indoor cameras actually work as part of the alarm system or do I have to go replace them all with motion sensors? Wish that was made clear before I ordered them all…sigh.

Hey @Ringaround. The only integration you can have with the Ring cameras and the Ring Alarm System at this time are to set them up through Linked Devices in the app. When set up this way, the camera can be set to automatically record when the Ring Alarm is alarming or in an entry delay. Other than this, it is not a feature at this time to have it where the camera detect motion and it sets off the Alarm, similar to the Ring Alarm Motion Detectors. I recommend swapping out the cameras or just a couple of them for more some Motion Detectors, leaving whatever cameras you may need to still record and see what is happening when your alarm goes off.