Which Floodlight cam have I got?

I got a second-hand Floodlight cam but don’t know which model it is as it didn’t come in its box.
The only ID is a label inside the back which is: LED Wall lamp 2210C-YDX(BLACK) 220-240V 24W 50Hz Class 1. When trying to install it the camera light flashes once when powered up then stops, but both spotlights remain on.
It would be a great help if I could find which one I have and then get the correct fixing accessories to mount it on my wall.

Hi @HuskyDad. There should be a label on the back of the Camera stating the model name, such as “Floodlight Camera”. You’ll also need to scan either the QR code or the barcode on the Camera to complete the in-app setup. If you don’t see either of these present on the Camera, please follow up with our support team to see what other options are available.