Which cameras have a PIR (passive infrared sensor) sensor?

Hi all

In the past i’ve used cameras which can do motion detection (and alerts with triggered video recording) which used 2 methods:

  1. PIR sensor, this has been very reliable, only triggers based on moving objects that emit heat I believe so no false alerts.
  2. Camera, this has been hit and miss for me, cars driving past, shadows etc can cause a lot of alerts.

My questions:

  1. How have you guys found motion detection on the ring cameras, do you get many false positives?
  2. Which Ring camera models have a PIR sensor?

Thanks :slight_smile:


have a look at the link below


_The motion detection is adjustable for the area you want to detect _

The main issue I have is birds on ground in zone and also spiders in front of camera.
The sensitivity is adjustable but doesn’t seem to make much difference

_You can also set up times when you don’t won’t notifications, it will however still record any movement in the zone _