Where's my car cam return label?

I am not happy with my car cam experience and last Thursday called to initiate a return. I was told that I would receive a prepaid return label within 24-48 hours. It has now been 6 days and I still haven’t received it. I have called a few times to check and have been told it is still processing. Seriously? If I had ordered it from Amazon, they would have sent me the return info in minutes and as soon as I dropped it off at UPS I would have been refunded. Why is it taking Ring so long to send me a label? I was once a loyal Ring customer but my experience using the car cam and now trying to simply return it has soured me on your company.

Hi @Mark_CT. Here in the Ring Community, we don’t have a way to check on the status of returns or specific account information. This is done to ensure privacy and security for everyone. You can send a Private Message on Facebook to @Ring and one of our agent will be able to look into this for you.

I received the return label yesterday and dropped it off at UPS an hour later. I communicated with a Ring rep via email who processed the return today. My Ring car cam adventure is finally over. Hopefully a future version of the car cam will be a better option for me.

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