Where to Place Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor Security Camera Install - Where should I install my security camera outdoors?

  • Driveway - The Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus is ideal for keeping your driveway covered. It has two large 2,000-lumen LED bulbs that cover the area with light whenever they detect motion. Even if you aren’t able to check your notifications, it will begin recording if something walks into the custom drawn motion zones you create for your driveway.
  • Backyard - All sorts of things can walk through your backyard when your’e not looking, the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is a great way to keep everything well lit and to check on the happenings behind your home. The two large 2,000-lumen LED bulbs will turn on when a deer or any other motion happens in front of it. If that motion occurs in your custom drawn motion zones, you will end up with video of it to see what all’s going on back there at night.* This is how we end up with a lot of great bear visitor videos at Ring.
  • Side yard - The side of your home is just as important to check in on as the front and back yard. Putting up a Ring Spotlight Cam will give you great light coverage for your side entrances and walkways. As soon as someone trips the motion sensor you can count on the embedded lights to shine 300-375 lumens over the side of your home. This is great to catch footage of anything happening by a side yard or garage entrance on video*.
  • Shed - Backyard sheds can hold some really important items you want secured, installing a Ring Spotlight Cam to keep the shed door well lit whenever anyone opens it is also convenient when you need to grab something out at night. The motion activated camera gives that added level of security to let you know whenever someone is accessing your shed. Note : Make sure your device is within range of your wifi router to have the best experience with your cam.

Indoor Security Camera Install - Where should I install my security camera inside?

  • Garage - Putting a Stick Up Cam in the corner of your garage gives you an overview of all the happenings in this important location. Its motion activated camera will trigger app push notifications to let you know when a car is entering or leaving. It will also record other movement that happens inside your motion zones, giving you video updates of what’s happening in there*.
  • Living Room - You can now check on your family in the Living Room from anywhere through access from the Ring app. Installing a Stick Up Cam in this main area of your home will give you the ability to check in on your family and housemates from anywhere with the two-way talk feature in your Ring app or using the Pan-Tilt Mount to catch your cat napping nearby.
  • Kitchen - This area can be a busy spot in most homes, and being able to see what’s happening from your Ring app while away can be relieving. Whether it is opening Live View of your Kitchen to confirm you turned the burner off or seeing why you’re receiving a smoke alarm alert, placing an Indoor Cam here offers great peace of mind.
  • Pet’s Area - Say hello to your pet while you’re away is so easy with the Indoor Cam’s simple Live View mode in the Ring app. You can even use two-way talk to say hello to your gecko or tell your dog that you will be home soon with a new tennis ball for them. Seeing videos of all the funny things they do during the day in their space is fun to capture as well!*

No matter where you want to place these awesome security cameras, Ring offers wired and wireless versions depending on how you would like to set them up. Learn more about Ring’s Security Cameras here , and compare pricing and features for all Ring Security Cameras here.

Do you have a unique install with one of our security cameras? We want to hear more about it, reply to this thread with your cool setup!

*A Protect Plan is required to watch non-Live videos.

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Put the cameras high and as far away from what you want to record as possible, while still getting a clear image. Example, try putting them on the corners of your house instead of middle of the walls. Try to make it so that they have to get in front of the camera to disable it. Consider indoor cameras.


Corners looking along the house is a good call. However you don’t want them too high as if a camera is at too high of an angle it can cause people detection issues. I think Ring recommended around 9 feet for their outdoor cams.

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So cover your front door, back door, garage door(s), cover the sides of your house , and any additional places. Depending on your lot size, a camera at each corner and covering the main entryways would be ample.

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I need help! My security camera is Not detecting & recording when someone delivers to the house. I have even left the house & was not detected. My husband walked though our front door without the camera detecting.
Is there a certain height or distance it needs to be mounted?

Thank you!

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Hi @Hatfield6. While this guide here is designed for Doorbells, you can take a lot of this into consideration for Security Cameras as well. I’d recommend checking that out and seeing how you can adjust the settings on your Ring Doorbell or Camera in order to better optimize the motion detection. :slight_smile: