Where’s the doorbell reset button?

My hardwired doorbell has only 1 button: the one a visit presses to announce they’re at my front door.

There’s no other button on the side, bottom nor front that I can see.

I changed the wifi system provider and need to reconnect to this new wifi, so where’s the reset button?

Thank you.

Hey @BD1. Do you have the Ring Video Doorbell 1st Gen or 2nd Gen? It sounds like you do, and therefore the setup/reset button will be on the back of the Doorbell. This means you will need to take out the security screws, dismount the device, and it will be an orange button on the back. :slight_smile:

I took out the 2 screws and looked at the back, all I see are the 2 connection wires to house door bell??

Ughhh…I am having the same exact problem! Have you found a solution yet?

Was so exasperated…but solved! We have a hardwired PRO, so had to take cover off by unscrewing in little hole on bottom. Once casing is popped off, there is that reset button on side, and the doorbell connected easily as it should!

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