Where is the setting for opening full screen video gone?

Hi, I had to re-install the ring app and now I do not find the setting to automatically open full screen video (when app is in foreground). Somehow the notification setting is gone?
No good for me, as I am using an old iPhone as my ring monitor… which is now no longer possible. Talking about this setting:

Any advice?

Hi @christianj. At Ring, we are always working to improve the Ring app and your experience with Ring. This feature from 2019 has been updated and is no longer available. I would recommend checking out Rich Notifications, as this might be a feature that could work for you. You can learn more about Rich Notifications here. Also, if you have a Echo Show, you can configure that device to automatically show Live View once a Ring event or motion is detected. I hope this helps!

Hi @Tom_Ring
thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it doesn’t help, as I do not intend to purchase Echo devices, and the iPhone now is useless as a Ring monitor. Rich notifications do not show a full screen pic or video without interaction. But the pop up video without interaction is what I need, and what was previously working. Why do you take away functions and make user setups useless? No word about this in the release notes of the update which blew away this feature.