Where is Smart Alerts?

This site describes a feature called “Smart Alerts” but I do not have it in my app. I have 1 spotlight cam, 2 floodlight cams, and 1 video doorbell. I am running the latest version of the app.

Glad you asked, @discostu! We are always working to improve and add to our Ring devices and Ring app. Smart Alerts should be available to you, or found under the “What’s New” section of the Ring app.

While logged in on your Ring app, open the menu, and then select What’s New. From the What’s New page, please choose the App Features tile, then scroll down until you see Smart Alerts. You can tap Smart Alerts and toggle / enable if needed.

Please note, this feature is being made available to our neighbors as we speak, so if you do not yet see Smart Alerts, continue checking the Ring app for it! Thank you for your patience while our team works to get this feature to everyone. :slight_smile:

Have you checked to be sure you have the latest release of the Ring app? There was a new release just the other day and it was there.

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