Where can I have night mode (IR?) off?

On my 3+ at night it goes into IR mode? I don’t need this as there is a street light right outside and even at night the picture is better when no IR is on (as my different brand camera proves)

I can’t see how to switch it off on my Ring 3+ though, is there something I’m missing?

I’m the video recording would be much much better if it just stays in day mode. How do I odd this please.


Hi @L1111. Currently there is not an option to disable Night Vision on your Ring Doorbell 3 Plus. You may want to reconsider the angle or positioning of the Doorbell if there’s a bright light near the Doorbell’s view that is impacting how the Live View looks at night. If needed, you can use a Corner Kit or a Wedge Kit to reposition the Doorbell so it has a better view.

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