Where can I buy a Ring Stick Up Cam Battery (3rd gen) power cable/adapter?

I recently bought the battery version so that I’d have battery as a backup and full power so I don’t need to charge the battery all the time. I ideally need a 15-20 foot cable based on where the camera is installed. I’ve looked everywhere and even ordered what turned out to be the wrong cable off of Amazon. Does anyone know how to install an indoor camera with plugged in power and also battery for backup? And also where to buy a cable/adapter for my new Ring Stick Up Cam Battery 3rd gen camera? I just want this thing to work without being a big PITA.


Hey @Mateo1041. The longer cord/adapter that we have you can find here, which is about 14.7 ft long and the longest we have! You may have to plug this up with a cord extender to get the length you are looking for, but this will help so you can get the nonstop power you’re looking for.

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Thank you. I’ll order and try it. 14.7 ft should hopefully work as an option.

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