When will the Thanksgiving chimes to available?

Halloween is over. When can we expect the Thanksgiving chimes? And more important than that, the Christmas chimes.

Hi @Voltrael. Holiday and seasonal chime tones will be made available around the related holiday or season. There is no specific date. Make sure to keep your Ring app updated so you can utilize seasonal tones once they are made available.

Hi there I specifically created this account because it is November 15th and still no thanksgiving or holiday tones… what gives?

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Caitlyn, when do expect to release the Thanksgiving tones? On Thanksgiving? Maybe Ring can focus on the Christmas tones, as we won’t be needing the Thanksgiving tones after November 23rd!


Thanksgiving is next week. How soon with the Turkey gobble be added?

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Thank you. I keep checking to for this and Christmas and nothing I still have Halloween sounds very frustrating

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