When will the Retrofit Alarm Kit be available in the UK?

Please can you let me know when the Retrofit Alarm Kit will be available in the UK.


Hey @Techboy. We do not have an ETA at this time for the Retrofit Alarm Kit in the UK. If we are able to bring this to our neighbors in the future, we will make sure to post an update in the News and Announcements section. :slight_smile:


Has there been any update on this? I am really keen to get this kit but would really benefit from the retrokit as I already have sensors everywhere.

Could I even purchase the American kit and bring it to the UK?


Hey @rdillon84, happy to chime in for Chelsea here. The Retrofit Kit is not designed to be used in the UK, as the hardware is not compatible with the UK version of the Ring Alarm system. Additionally, it may not meet local guidelines and regulations concerning home alarm systems, so it is not recommended to purchase it in the US to try and use in the UK. I’d suggest keeping an eye on the News and Announcements board for any updates on new product releases. :slight_smile:

Just adding support to rdillon84’s question. I am sure there are many others as well who are really keen to upgrade their wired alarm system to make it ‘Ring compatible’ without just making their original (expensive) systems redundant and forking out full whack for a new complete set. Come on Ring, sort it out. Like you have already done for our cousins across the pond!



Any Update on this? I’m also desperate for a UK version of the retrofit kit.

I get that the development team might not want to publish a release date but can you at least confirm if it is the intension to release a UK version?



We appreciate everyone sharing their continued interest in this! This feedback will certainly be delivered to our teams here. Feel free to invite other neighbors to shared their desire for this feature here and in our feature request boards. :slight_smile:

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Yep, I’m trying to decide whether to get the Ring Alarm, buy an upgraded panel for my old one or buy simplisafe. If you can tell me its on its way I’ll await the retrofit kit.

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Is it definitely in plan? Is it safe to grab a Black Friday deal for the alarm system, with complete confidence that the kit will definitely be availble in the future in the UK?

Hey neighbors! We do not have any news or information to share on a release of the Retrofit Alarm Kit in the UK. You can always monitor the UK News and Announcements board for any updates or product releases, as we’ll be sure to post there.

Retrofit for the UK would be great!

Does the US system allow motion sensors to or is it just entry/exit sensors?

For the US version, only entry sensors are “officially” supported. Motion sensors work fine though. The issue with the motion sensors is they require power that the Retrofit Kit is not able to supply. If you can supply power to them in another way (such as leaving the power leads connected to the old panel/supply), you can add them as open/close sensors.


Has anybody successfully fitted a US retrofit to their UK alarm and us their any sync issues as it’s not on the list.

I’m waiting for the UK retrofit kit before replacing my existing alarm with Ring.
I intend to build a small 12v battery backup power supply to run my existing PIR sensors so they can be connected along with all the door switches throughout the house. Many are invisibly built into the door frames so are considerably more discreet than the ring ones.
One thing that would be incredibly useful is a ring controlled no/nc switch. With some simple wiring I could then connect my external bell box along with a 12v psu. Unfortunately I haven’t found any other solution for this which would still work when mains power fails or my internet cable is cut. Wondering if anyone has hacked the dome siren to turn it into a remote switch for a louder bell?

Come on Ring - when will the retrofit kit be available in the UK.
I don’t want to replace all my PIRs and door contacts - but want to add ring alarm to my existing Ring camera set-up. Replacing PIR’s means converting to battery operated devices and changing contacts that are hidden in door frames isn’t practical.
I’m seriously considering Konnected.io which will let me re-use the PIRs and contacts - and integrate to Smartthings - so I can trigger home lighting and other automations.
I thought you’d be leading the way given you’re now owned by Amazon and they have a huge stake in home automation (GreenGrass).


I’m interested too. As others have said have doors sensors already which are neatly hidden and a couple of wired motion sensors. Was wondering whether to decommission the old system but seems a shame. Can’t get a confirmed yes will bring to market from Ring


thats annoying thats its not available in the UK, i might buy it from the US and try it but i dont want to loose money.

Vote for it here Retrofit Alarm UK

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Any news on retro fit alarm yet. Keen to upgrade my system but don’t want to if the ring hard wired system is released.

Come on ring…
What if I bought a complete alarm system with retrofit kit from the US - would it work in the uk?