When will Stick Up Cam Elite with PoE Adapter be back in stock?

Any information on when the Stick Up Cam Elite with PoE Adapter will be back in stock? It has been unavailable to purchase on ring.com for months now.

And is it an option to buy regular Stick Up Cam Elite and purchase a POE adapter separately?


I’ve been waiting for 3-4 months, i’ve contacted ring and they just follow a script and won’t say anything. It’s very annoying that we can’t get an ETA or if this model is even being discontinued or not.

I am also interested in this question. I am ready to place a large order once I find out if they are available.

I have also been waiting for these to come back in stock and haven’t been able to find any article or information on this.

Hi neighbors! While I don’t have any information to share on when the Stick Up Cam Elite will be back in stock, you should see the option on the product page to enter your email address so you can be notified when it’s available again. I’d suggest filling this out, as that’s the best way to be notified once the Stick Up Cam Elite is back in stock. :slight_smile:

I have also been waiting for months for these to come back in stock! I think I have put my email address on the form 4-5 times now (ha)! Ring customer service is very good at giving the same non-answer I call each time too. I wish we could get a rough ETA at least.

Usually when a product is not being in stock neither at the manufacturer’s website nor at the retail stores, that is a strong indicator that the product is being discontinued or they are working on newer version of elite, which can take a long time to release it for sale.

Have seen others posts about Ring (Amazon owned) giving “non answers” to the question of if/when the POE version will be back in stock and had the same experience. It’s BS that they handle things this way and am going to find a replacement system for my home. Ring is a great product but don’t appreciate companies that don’t respect their customers enough to give straight answers to basic questions.

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If they are releasing a new one, “Coming Soon” would help reassure customers to patiently wait rather than go to another company.

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Any updates on the PoE version?

Ring Elite POE is still unavailable after almost 9 months. Do we have an ETA when this would be in stock? Or will it never be in stock and we should look for alternative systems and setup?

What alternatives are there to convert a POE cable to power a regular ring outdoor camera? Would it work if we can have a reverse POE injector to split a POE cable back into a regular ethernet and DC power within spec to make this work?

So this product still exists and is current? I haven’t seen it in stock for months now. I have an Elite doorbell and PoE already run to the rest of the camera locations…so I am trying to figure out whether I should wait or just give up on Ring and use Ubiquiti.

Would love to see an updated response from Ring on this topic! Entering my email address on the product page and waiting indefinitely isn’t very satisfying.

Does anyone know when the Elite camera will be available again? It’s been almost 2 years and I’m still waiting.

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The Stick Up Cam Elite is available for purchase on Ring.com. You can find the product page here. If it goes out of stock at any point, you should then see the option to enter your email address to be notified when it’s available again.