When will Ring ship the Echo Show 5 that was supposed to be with the Cam bundle?

I order the **Stick Up Cam Battery with Echo Show 5 bundle over 3 weeks ago. The Cam showed up in a week, but now Echo Show 5. I get an email every day saying: “We’re Still Working On Your Order”, but not any kind of projected delivery date for the Echo Show 5. Is it on back order? Lost? or what? In stead of the same email everyday, how about some kind of reasonable projection of shipping date.

Log into your Order History ( Order History (ring.com)) and click on your order. In the upper right should be a list of your items. In tiny print may (or may not) be an estimated ship date.
Realize that with the world wide supply chain difficulties any times indicated are likely incorrect. A few month back when I ordered some items I ordered arrived weeks before the estimated dates and others arrived weeks after.
For now you’ll just need to be patient.

Bonne chance

Nope, don’t see anything where you describe. I agree with the supply chain issue. But how about standard customer courtesy, like a statement that they are having issues with getting them from Amazon and they have no idea when they will get the product shipped.

It would be nice if they’d upgrade their order processes to be more informative like their owning company, Amazon, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Cost would be a lot.
Even with the 10% discount to order on Ring, I look to other sources first as they are often more dependable in informing me of what they actually have in stock.