When will Fire alarm and Flood sensor accessories be released in europe?

The question is pretty straightforward,. I know that you sell in the USA both the Fire alarm listener and the First Alert fire/co alarm. You also do sell the Flood and Freeze sensor. All these things are designed with Z-wave to work with Ring. So my question is why are theses not sold in Europe or in my case inside Sweden?

I know that the Fire alarm could be ordered through Amazon directly from USA, but it would be s much easier and more convenient to be able to by these directly form EU.

No one in these forums has any inside information on when, or even if, they’ll be sold in Europe.
You’ll just have to wait for any official announcements to come from Ring itself.

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Z-Wave in Europe uses a different frequency than in the US so you cannot purchase Z-Wave components from the US site and use them with your system.

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