When is police called?

Hi, I got the annual plan for ring. There has been a few times my alarm went off by accident (forgetting to turn off the alarm before coming in, wrong setting to away instead of home, etc).

For all the times the alarm went off no cops showed up or I did not get a call. We did turn it off with our phones or imputing code into the keypad. When are the cops called to come to the house or does it deactivate once the code is put in or someone turns it off from their phone?

Without any follow up how would ring know it wasn’t a break-in and someone just stole ones phone to turn it off, because who ever owns a ring system know how it works.


As long as your phones are locked then no one should be able to use your phones to turn off the alarm.
I believe that if an alarm goes off, you are given a certain amount of time (maybe a minute??) to turn it off. If you haven’t turned it off by then, then Ring starts calling your phone tree. If they can’t contact anyone then Ring will reach out to your local emergency services to tell them an alarm has gone off.
Depending on your community will determine how fast law enforcement will arrive.


When the burglar alarm is triggered, registered contacts are reached and if nobody answers or nobody provides the password, then police is dispatched.

You should review your settings as you may not have Monitoring turned on at all.

This article explains the different scenarios.

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