When is motion detection NOT motion detection?

Out on my garage, I have a Ring stick-up camera, 2nd generation. It works fine during the day, I get motion events from it. After sundown, there’s still a little bit of light at the garage, from the street lamps. If I walk under this camera after dark, I see its red and blue LEDs light up - meaning it detected motion, right? But I get no motion events or recorded videos.

What am I missing here? It seems the camera is “detecting” the motion in some sense, but then deciding it’s not real. Or something like that.

Hi @JimHughes. If the motion detection for your Camera is not working correctly during the night, try the following steps:

  • Optimize your Motion Settings for your Camera. One example of this would be increasing the Motion Sensitivity of your Camera. If your Camera is battery operated, you also want to look into its Motion Frequency and set it to Frequent, which could drain the battery quicker but helps prevent missing motion events.

I hope this helps.

Sensitivity is set very high. Smart Alerts is off, Motion Frequency is “Frequently” (camera is solar powered). I just tried disabling Advance Motion Detection, and rebooting, will test again after dark.

Update: it’s working again, so one of those actions did the trick.
Thanks Justin_Ring.