When installing stick up cam outdoor, how to secure it to avoid being stolen?

I plan to install a stick up cam outdoor. However, it looks the product is not designed to be fixed securely to a wall or a windowstill.

First, the bottom round piece can be easily detached from the main cam body;
Second, the top main part can also be easily detached and taken away (in the same way when changing its battery, it’s easy to turn the top part and then remove the main body).

So if any thief is familiar with it, they can easily remove the cam with either of the above ways and take the cam away from its position.

Is there anyway to secure the entire stick up cam into its installed place more stably? Thanks.

If someone steals it, you’ll have their picture

Not much comfort really.

Hi @jameszhjw. All of our devices can be mounted and secured with a security screw. Of course, someone who set on malicious intent will find a way to be destructive. I suggest turning on Motion Warning to let the bad-doers know that they are being recorded.