When "Disarmed" allow me to disable Ring notifications

When I have my alarm “disarmed” there are some Ring cameras that I do not want to continue to receive motion detected notifications from. Yet I cannot find a way to disable them.

To be clear:

  • Alarm: Disabled
  • Exterior Cameras: I want to continue to get notifications when motion is detected
  • Interior Cameras: I want to disable notifications when motion is detected (it’s me!)

I’d like to do the same when alarm is on “Home”.

When when I’m gone and my alarm is set to “Away” I’d like to get interior notifications.

This is software. Can we make it happen?

Hi @WadeW. At this time, notifications are not controlled via the Modes settings. You can control whether or not each Ring Camera detects and records motion based on which Mode it is in. For example, you could disable motion detection and recording while in Home Mode for your interior Cameras. You also have the option of utilizing the Motion Snooze if you still want recordings, but do not want to receive notifications for a set amount of time.

Other neighbors have asked for the option to control notifications in the Modes settings, so I’d recommend adding your feedback to this request on our Feature Request board. We use the Feature Request board as a way to gather and share new ideas with our teams here.

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