When dark, should floodlight illuminate even when motion is detected outside zone?

This is a pre-purchase question relating to a Floodlight Cam Pro & Plus…

Presuming I install the camera correctly, and define a motion zone…

If I had ‘Person Only’ detection disabled, should the floodlight only illuminate when it detects motion inside the defined motion zone, or would it illuminate whenever it detects motion, even if outside the motion zones?

If the former, and I had ‘Person Only’ detection enabled, should it only illuminate when it detects motion from a person inside the motion zone, or would it (have to) illuminate to accurately determine if the motion was indeed from a person (e.g. opposed to an animal, etc).

Here’s an article from the support center that explains how the motion detection works on the floodlight cam: https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001628983-How-Motion-Detection-Works-on-your-Floodlight-Cam

The motion zones only pertain to the area the camera will alert you or record (depending on your settings) if it detects motion. The sensor for the floodlights operates independent of the camera and also has a wider detection angle. This means that the lights can turn on for motion that is detected outside of the field of view of the camera. This also means that the people only mode does not affect the activation of the lights. The sensor for the lights looks for a moving heat signature and doesn’t try to determine whether or not it is a person. It is not necessary for the lights to be activated for the camera to detect a person since the camera has infrared lights built-in.


Thank you @pdeethardt.

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