When alarm is set to Away, on entering, sometimes it beeps (to warn you it is on) but most times it doesn’t

  1. Any idea why? My son keeps walking in the house. Doesn’t know it’s on but then a sensor picks up on him in another room and sets the alarm off. Why isn’t the door opening telling us the alarm is on, turn it off?

  2. What is the tick button bottom
    Right hand corner or the keypad for ?

Hi @user34005. It’s possible you are bypassing the front door Contact Sensor when arming the system. If it is bypassed, the sensor will not be armed and it will not trigger the Entry Delay when the door is opened. If you arm the system when the front door is open, it will ask you to bypass that Contact Sensor. You can find more information about bypassing sensors here.

You can find an explanation of the lights and buttons on the Ring Alarm Keypad (1st Gen) here and the Keypad (2nd Gen) here. The checkmark button is used to bypass any sensors that can’t be armed, and continue arming the system.

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