Whats with the bad lag?!

Recently my Ring Doorbwll, along with my parents and a co-workers, have all been experiencing super long lag times. When trying to access Live view, it will take up to 3 min to load. I have checked my battery, it’s full. Software says up-to-date. What else could it be? Especially when it’s 3 different households having the same issue.

Hey @Boisejones. Depending on your upload and download speeds, this may be why the video is still processing. This is more on the upload side of things, and with a low upload speed and/or poor RSSI, this could be why the video takes some time to process and upload to your storage. I recommend checking your RSSI to see if this is the cause of the concern, which you can learn more about in our Community post here and our Help Center Article here.