'What's New' menu item notification won't go away

I continue to have the tiny red number 1 icon next to this menu item, despite reviewing everything that “is new” and even deleting/reinstalling the iOS app. Running on an iPhone 12 with iOS 17.0.3.

This appears to be an app bug that should be corrected.

Hi @MinneapolisJeff. Thank you for sharing this. Our team is aware of this issue and is working to resolve it as soon as possible. I will be marking this response as a temporary solution so others that come to this thread can easily find my response. Once we have an update regarding this concern, I will post it here. Thank you for your time and patience.

So it’s now October 2023 and this issue is still persistent?!!

How hard is it for your app developers to remove this?


Yes seriously this is still an issue I have iphone 15 how do we get rid of this red dot???


Is there any update here? I’ve found numerous threads about this exact issue dating back YEARS. So this is not a new issue.

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I’m replying bc I’ll be darned if this thread dies. What’s the eta here?

Well, I’m dropping Ring altogether now, (and any other related products… hmm Nest,Alexa,etc) not just this red dot :red_circle: problem that continues for YEARS, but I no longer get notified SOMEONE is at your front door!!! Omg, I’ve been through hours of reading ‘how to fix’ and trying and honestly, the next time I hear the routine ‘restart your…’… omg. I’ve 40years IT experience… that is not a solution. This is an excuse to hope it fixes it!!

Good bye RING
Good bye Amazon!