What's in email notifications?

If I sign up for email notifications when motion is detected, what’s in that email? Is it literally just an email that says that motion’s been detected so I should go to my app and check it out? Does it include a frame from the video so I’ll know if I want to check it out or not? Or at least a link directly to the video so I don’t have to find it via the app?

I don’t know if graphics are permitted in this group, but if they are, it would be great if someone could post an example of an email notification so I’ll know exactly what’s in it. Thanks!

[BTW: The reason I’m asking is that I’m currently a customer of another vendor that had GREAT email notifications, but they just discontinued them. :disappointed_relieved: So I’m seeking a replacement.]

Hi @HMishkoff. There are no email notifications for motion detection. You can receive a push notification for when motion is detected by a Ring Doorbell or Security Camera. With a Ring Protect plan, you can turn on Rich Notifications to see a snapshot image along with the push notification. Email notifications are available for certain functions or status updates on the Ring Alarm Security System only. I hope this helps answer your questions.

Thanks for the fast reply, @Caitlyn_Ring.

Under “Alarm Notifications” on your “Review Our Protect Plans” page, it says: “Stay in the know on your Ring alarm’s activity with real-time notifications from the Ring App or email.”

Why does it say that if there are no email notifications?

@HMishkoff There are email notifications, but not for motion alerts from Ring Doorbells and Cameras, which appears to be what you are asking about in your initial post. Ring Doorbells and Cameras are not directly part of the Ring Alarm system. The email notifications, specifically for the Ring Alarm, cover security and device statuses, such as when the Mode is changed.

Makes perfect sense now, thanks!

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