What's expected FPS for Spotlight battery cam and Doorbell 2

I found both my Ring devices have poor video quality. As a result, it is very difficult to tell the details, such as people’s face or car licence plate.

Spolitlight battery cam:

15 FPS, bit rate: 800~900Kbps, RSSI: -60

Doorbell 2:

15 FPS, bit rate: 800~900Kbp, RSSI: -46

My home internet is Download:500Mbps and **Upload:20Mbps **


  1. What’s the expected FPS for Soptlight cam battery and Doorbell 2? 15 or 30 FPS?

(PS. I know floodlight cam is 15FPS)

  1. The RSSI is between -46~-60, which is good. but why the bit rate is still so low?

Hi @marty_0802. The FPS of your Ring Devices will be 15 FPS. To answer the question about your bit rate data, this could be network related. This Help Center article here will have some tips and tricks on how to fix this issue. I hope this helps!

Is it 15 FPS because they are battery-powered devices?

As security cameras, 15 FPS is not good. If people or objects move fast, we can’t tell them clearly. This is a significant drawback.

Hi @marty_0802. The standard for our Ring devices is 15 FPS, 1080 High Definition video. With a strong internet connection, you should have great video quality. If you’d like more in depth information about your cameras and the video quality, I’d reach out our support so they can review your account and the specific information that pertains to your devices. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Thanks for your information. I have one final question.

If AC-powered Ring camera (e.g. spotlight cam wired) and doorbell support 30 FPS? Or most Ring cameras are 15 FPS?

During the weekend, I took my spotlight battery off from my house roof to have some testing in my living room, just beside the wifi router. The RSSI is -4x, which is very strong. In addition, my home internet is 500mbps download/20mbps upload.

I tested it at noon, which means that the environment was bright. I downloaded the video recordings from the Ring web site and then check the bit rate. It shows 1800kbps~2100kbps, which is improved, compared to previous numbers - 800~900Kbp. However, I found that the video quality is still not good. I would say the video quality is improved, but it still looks blur. In other words, the lens didn’t even fully focus on objects (that’s why it looks blur). It’s not as sharp as the general 1080 video that what we are familiar with.

So I am wondering if I got a bad unit? Or this is Ring cam’s limit?

I can share my video with you to have further investigation.

BTW, I had Stick Up Cam Wired (2nd Gen) before. That camera quality is good and sharp. But I gifted it to someone, so I can’t take the Stick Up Cam Wired to have a comparison with spotlight cam.