What wrong with Ring devices and the network?

I have 2 cams, 1 floodlight plus and another Wired doorbell.

Doorbell is connected to the Pro chime network. Pro chime is 10 feet away from the router and has RSSI-50 (higher than expected) value and the connected doorbell which is nearly 12 feet away from chime has RSS - 61


Floodlight is connected to the home network which is less than a meter away from the router but still has RSSI-69 and when connected to Pro-chime which is 12 feet away gives RSSI-68

The flood light usually has RSSI >66 and the connection frequently drops, I called the customer care to seek help, but they kept saying improve the home network or install a repeater. But the floodlight is immediately next to the router and the other devices in the house is working fine on the 1GBPS broadband and I am only facing issue with the floodlight.

I tried moving the route around and standard ring troubleshooting steps and what not but unable to resolve the issue with the Ring Floodlight. Can anyone please help?

Hi @user71487. Try changing the WiFi channels that your devices connect to. You can learn more about this here. This may improve your network connection.